Plastic Activator For Electroless Nickel 1 quart


1 qt


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1 Quart

Plate Plastic With Electroless Nickel Easily

Eliminates Messy And Expensive Conductive Paints

Makes 3D Printed Parts Plating A Breeze

Simple Two Step Process

Our NEW Plastic Activator For Electroless Nickel allows for direct nickel plating onto most plastics with no need for conductive paints or coatings. The plastic substrate must be able to withstand the heat of the Electroless Nickel Bath (approx 200 deg F)

Includes two solutions, used as is. Sensitizer and Activator.

Clean your parts with our SP Degreaser product and rinse with distilled water. Immerse your part in the Sensitizer solution at room temperature. Leave for two minutes, then take out and rinse in distilled water. Do not let the part dry.

Then immerse in the Activator solution, which is used at full strength, for two minutes then rinse again and proceed directly to Electroless Nickel plating.

Perfect for plating 3D printed parts.

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