Silvaspray Conductive Paint -8 oz can (LQ#44)


Make non-conductive items conductive so that plating may be applied.


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NOW, you can plate all plastics – easily!

Silvaspray™ is the product we’ve been waiting for!!

Simply spray on Silvaspray™, allow to dry and plate in the tank of your choice!

Directly accepts Bright Copper, Copy Chrome, Nickel.

Pure Silver- Highly Conductive, no ‘missed spots’ of plating

Incredible bond strength, bonds to all plastics and – materials like dried flowers, baby shoes, etc.

Finished plated surface can be buffed. No delaminating from surface.

Fast drying, ready to plate in 30 minutes

Beats ALL other conductive paints – by a mile!

Micro fine surface, gives incredible detail on intricate moldings.

No need to pre-wire the parts. Simply spray, allow to dry, then attach an alligator clip.

Kit covers approx 10-15 sq ft

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 8oz Silvaspray™ Silver Concentrate

More Technical Information

Silvaspray™ is a new silver conductive coating for use on plastic substrates. It is unique in that it is formulated in very mild solvents that can tolerate higher built-in stresses which can be found in molded parts, and provides unequaled shielding at less than 0.5 mil (12.5 microns) dry film thickness. The dried conductive film is extremely hard, tough and durable. contains no methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or other strong solvents, which can attack solvent-sensitive substrates, such as polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends. Silvaspray™ is supplied as a concentrate, and it is designed with a fast drying solvent blend, which is desirable in high volume production.


  • Compatible with sensitive plastics because of mild solvents.
  • Effective shielding at less than 0.5 mil (12.5 microns) dry film. Contains no ketones, such as MEK, or other harsh solvents.
  • 100% Silver as the conductive medium.
  • Unmatched conductivity – superior to any other coating product.
  • Cost saving because of superior conductivity performance at thin films. Excellent film cohesion.
  • “Zero Tolerance” for loose particles in the film.
  • Passes U.L. requirements.
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastic substrates.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Supplied as a viscous liquid for reduced settling.
  • Minimal overspray and dusting during application.
  • No rub-off due to handling.
  • Fast drying.

Although Silvaspray is formulated in mild solvents, the user must test the compatibility on the actual molded parts to determine its suitability for any specific application.

The following application parameters should be followed for optimum properties:

  1. Material should be stirred thoroughly before use.
  2. Material should be incorporated into a re-circulating system.
  3. Pressure in the system should be adjusted to produce sufficient flow rates to ensure suspension of the metal.
  4. The gun should be set as follows:
    1. Completely shut off needle to the gun.
    2. Slowly open needle to achieve a minimum wet film.
    3. Adjust fan for part.
    4. Readjust needle setting to ensure minimum wet coat.

By following the above procedures, a number of benefits will be achieved. The optimum minimum film thickness will result in minimum cost per part. The above techniques will produce a very smooth and bright appearance. Maximum conductivity will also be achieved.

Silvaspray™ dries rapidly. Keep container closed. If skins develop, do not attempt to dissolve – strain through a coarse filter. Clean equipment after each use. Ethyl alcohol can be used to clean equipment. If strong solvents are used, flush the system with ethyl alcohol before use.

Not recommended for brush plating applications. Do not plate Flash Copper onto Silvaspray.

8 oz

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