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1 Gallon


Caswell One-Plate® 1 – Electroless Nickel Made Easy

Caswell One-Plate® 1 Electroless Nickel is truly a revolution for small scale Electroless Nickel plating. No more mixing of multiple chemicals, simpler one solution additions, lower consumption rate of chemicals, cheaper and easier overall operation.

Caswell One-Plate® 1 uses ONE simple chemical for solution makeup and replenishment. Simply mix the required amount of concentrate and add distilled water. Heat to 185 deg F and start plating.

Mix 15 parts One-Plate® 1 with 85 parts Distilled Water

One-Plate® 1 Concentrate Distilled Water Total Volume
1 Pint 90 fl oz 0.83 Gal
1 Quart 1.35 Gal 1.6 Gal
2 Quarts 2.8 Gal 3.4 Gal
1 Gallon 5.7 Gal 6.7 Gal
5 Gallon 28.3 Gal 33.3 Gal

Commercial electroless nickel platers usually employ full time chemists to make additions to the solution. This is a time consuming activity for a small operation and is not cost effective. Our system is designed around the KISS -’Keep It Safely Simple’ principal, so you will not have to ‘titrate’ and mess around with this technicality. We have developed a straightforward way of estimating the nickel depletion of the bath, and fresh additions can easily be made to prolong the life of the solution. The procedure is much like balancing your checkbook.

The brightness of the plate will, to some extent, depend on the degree of polish existing on the part. The higher the shine initially; the brighter the plate. Surfaces requiring shiny finishes should be done in fresh batches of solution; otherwise they may have to be buffed to obtain a high gloss. The duller finishes resemble cadmium or Butler nickel, so are of great value to most vehicle restorers. Numerous variations can be achieved by changing the surface finish prior to plating.

Electroless nickel plating is not new; it has many applications in industry. Because the system plates evenly over all areas of the part, even down tubes and holes, it is frequently used for firearms and small hand tools. It is ideally suited for coating extrusion dies to assist in mold release and protection of the surface. For the motorcycle restoration enthusiast, electroless nickel has a great application for evenly plating the air-cooling fins on many engine blocks, particularly older Indians and Harleys.

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