Nickel Conductive Paint - 340gm Aerosol (LQ#20)

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Nickel Conductive Paint – 340gm Aerosol


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Nickel Conductive Paint – 340gm Aerosol

Originally designed as an EMI/RF shield, many hobbiests and small prototype shops are using this paint as a conductive coating on 3D printed objects.

After spraying and sanding smooth, non conductive objects can be brush plated with our Plug N Plate Flash Copper system, and then with any other finish.


The 841 Super Shield Conductive Coating reduces electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI), an issue for all electronic devices. It is a durable acrylic coating pigmented with a high purity nickel flake, and is UL approved for adhesion to ABS and polycarbonates at hot and cold temperatures.

It is designed to be applied to the interior of plastic electronic enclosures, and is a simple way to deal with EMI/RFI issues, allowing devices to pass FCC emission testing.

  • UL Recognized (File # E202609)
  • Tested in compliance with IEEE Std. 299-1997
  • High Conductivity
  • Tough and durable coating
  • Stronger adhesion than water based coatings
  • Low VOC’s
  • Median attenuation 50 dB ±25 dB per 38 μm (~1.5 mil) for frequency range of 10 to 18,000 MHz


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