Car Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer


Permanently repair fuel tanks.  Saves hundreds of dollars in repairs. Also works on plastic and fiberglass. Withstands modern ethanol fuels .


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Car Epoxy Gas Tank Sealer Comes in 2 different kits, (standard Clear Epoxy kit)

1/2 Pint kit (mini kit) = Motorcycle Tanks – Up To 3 Gal
Pint kit = Motorcycle Tanks – Up To 10 Gal
Quart kit = Car Tanks – Up to 20 Gal
Gallon kit = Tanks Up To 80 Gal

Permanently Repairs Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass and Plastic Gas Tanks

  • Ethanol Resistant Chemistry. Withstands racing fuels and alcohol.
  • Bonds to almost anything except polyethylene (gas tanks are not made of polyethylene). Bonds to wood, plastic, rubber, concrete, metals

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in