Tailpipe Polishing Kit


Tailpipe Polishing Kit


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Tired of using powders that need to be mixed with water?

Tired of silly little amounts of product for high prices?

Tired of all the hard work rubbing the pipes?

Then the BLUE BEGONE™ SYSTEM is for you!

We developed a special buffing wheel that fits straight into a drill chuck. The unique shape allows the buff to rest on the pipe without spinning off.

By simply rotating the drill, all angles of the pipe can be buffed rapidly. The tapered end allows you to get into difficult corners.


Hourglass Buffing Wheel
Hourglass Buffing Wheel
Hourglass Buffing Wheel

BLUE BEGONE™ is a special ready mixed water based buffing compound designed to polish chrome. It removes ‘bluing’ in seconds, whilst bringing chrome to a mirror shine. You can use BLUE BEGONE™ on ALL your chrome work.

BLUE BEGONE™ is also ideal for slower rotating buffing wheels such as 4″ wheels mounted on an arbor adapter.

Using the applicator nozzle, simply apply a small amount of compound to the buff, and lightly work it into and around the buff with your finger.

Place the buffer groove over the pipe and start buffing, using gentle pressure. Re-apply more BLUE BEGONE™ as needed.

Finally, using the wettened SHAMMY cloth, clean off any dried material.

The BLUE BEGONE™ Kit includes:

  • 1 8 fl oz BLUE BEGONE Chrome Polish
  • 1 Arbor Adapter
  • 1 x 4″ spiral Sewn Wheel


Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in