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Quickly Remove rust, scratches, old paint and plating.  Achieve a satin, brushed look. Wheels have a 5/8″ hole.

Scrubber wheels remove rust, scratches, minor blemishes, old paint, and plating. A featherlite touch is required with these wheels, unlike an ordinary buffing wheel. Heavy pressure will result in premature wear of the wheel.

The blisters found in chrome, particularly on pot metal, can be flattened with this wheel. Substrates take a flat satin finish, which should be buffed with emery and a sisal wheel, followed by white or brown compound on a cotton wheel.
Works great for truck polishers working on tarnished / worn-out aluminum or other metals.  Will quickly brighten the metal with a bright brushed look.

This wheel has a 5/8 ” hole. SCRUBBER AIRWAY BUFFS should be used at 2200 RPMs, Going faster will generate too much heat and melt the wheel onto the part.  

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