Plastic-Glo P-22 Buffing Compound (Ultra Fine, Dry Grade)

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For Use on: Plastic, Hard Rubber, Celluloid


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P-22 Plastic-Glo is an ultra-fine cutting and high coloring compound for bringing out a smooth, brilliant finish on practically every type of plastic. No. P-22 is a pure white compound on the very dry side. Will not glaze on the buff or load up compound into crevices or recesses of the work. Being exceptionally fine, it will not scratch the softest plastic. Nothing better for producing the very finest finishes on transparent plastics.

FOR USE ON: plastic, hard rubber, celluloid.

For Wood, Lacquered Wood & Acrylic Parts

Exact procedure will vary from part to part. If you have never polished anything before, we recommend practicing on some test pieces to get a feel for the effectiveness of the abrasives, before attempting your good parts.

If the object to be polished has heavy scratches, start by sanding with 120 grit sandpaper, used dry. Switch to a 240 grit paper, dry then finish with the 400 grit paper, used wet or as fine as 600 may be used. Always use a wooden or rubber sanding block (not supplied). When removing scratches be sure to sand an area larger than the scratch. Use a circular motion; using a light touch and plenty of water when sanding.

Polishing with the buffer will bring the surface a high luster. Start with the Plastic  Buffing Compound (Fine), and then switch to the Plastic-Glo Buffing Compound (Ultra-Fine). Be careful not to apply too much pressure, or excessive heat may cause burning of the part. Dedicate a buffing wheel for each compound, to avoid crosscontamination and introducing scratches into your final polish.

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