Nickel/Copy Chrome™ Brightener


Treats 2 gal.


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Will product highly ductile deposits, which are free from laminations. It produces brilliant, white deposits of high clarity, reflectivity and depth. The deposit is active and can be chromium plated if specified. Superior 'leveling' properties enable fine scratches and imperfections to be filled, enhancing the overall finish. Our regular Nickel & Copy Chrome now plates faster with more coverage in the low current density area. It produces 20 to 30% more thickness in the lower current density area than any other system. If you are chrome plating onto this nickel, you will also get better chrome coverage in the low current density than any other nickel process.

Because it is a single maintenance additive process, Caswell Nickel/Copy Chrome Brightener eliminates plating variations. This new brightener is a huge step forward for our nickel plating kits, and is now supplied with each regular Nickel & Copy Chrome kit. Caswell Nickel Brightener can also be added to existing setups to upgrade them.

8 oz. – Treats 1.5 Gals

1 Pint – Treats 3 gal. Nickel or 1.5 gal. Copy Chrome

1 Quart – Treats 6 gal.


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