Glu-Tite Greaseless Wheel Prep

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Greaseless Wheel Prep


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Glu-Tite is a glue in a gelatin form.  It melts under frictional heat when applied to a revolving buffing wheel.  It serves as an anchoring size coat of glue and is used prior to applying greaseless compound.  It permits forming a thicker and longer lasting abrasive head.


Use the Glu- tite on the buffing wheel before applying the greaseless compound.  It will melt under the friction of the heat when applied to the buffing wheel. Cut the outer tube down to expose the glu-tite and then hold it across the buffing wheel”.  Wait a couple of minutes & then load up your wheel with whatever grit greaseless compound you are using.  Using the glu-tite first will help keep the greaseless compound on the wheel a lot longer.

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