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All the benefits of CADMIUM & ZINC PLATING without the dangers!


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All the benefits of CADMIUM & ZINC PLATING without the dangers!
No cyanides! No dangerous chemicals!
No fumes! No disposal problems
Sacrificial (cathodic) coating ? Just like real Cadmium & Zinc! Inexpensive – no need to deal with plating shops!
Excellent corrosion resistance!

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Using the Zinc plating kit

Our NEW formula gives more consistent, brighter zinc plating, much faster plating times and better chromating results.

Now, Copy Cad® AND Zinc plating in one kit. By simply adding a special brightener to the solution, the normally dull, flat, whitish look of Copy Cad® is transformed into a commercial quality bright zinc plate. After use, the bath reverts back to the original Cadmium look.

This simple system is designed to give professional results without a complicated ‘chemistry set’. The kit comes with an Abrasive wheel which provides a ‘flat’ finish to the metal for Copy Cad® .

These kits are designed to provide a professional zinc finish to a variety of substrates on small components such as workshop tools, brake boosters, brackets and zinc alloy carburetor castings.

Zinc plating is a most valuable tool when used in combating corrosion of steel. The zinc corrodes before the steel does, sacrificing itself for the benefit of the steel. A metallurgical bond is formed between the zinc and steel forming an iron rich alloy with tenacious bond. Galvanizing can be left unpainted where it will form its own protective oxide layer.

The system operates at 70 deg F, and 0.14 amps per square inch of part surface area. A 20 minute plating time is sufficient for most applications, including chromating.

Please download and read

the manual before purchasing

A 0-3 Amp Constant Current Power Supply is recommended to provide power to the kit. This will plate parts up to 21 sq inches of surface area. Larger items will need alternative power supply, at the rate of 140 milliamps per sq inch of surface area.

After preparing the part to accept the process, the part is simply dipped into a solution for a few minutes. The zinc & the chromate react to form the new colors. To improve those older zinc (pot metal) castings, plate with a fresh zinc plate before chromating.

Steel parts that have previously been plated with zinc can be chromated with no further pretreatment. Zinc alloy die cast parts may be surface activated by immersion in a weak acid. Full operating instructions are in the manual. The Blackener provides a deep black finish, similar to a Black Oxide, but with much better corrosion resistance.

Chromates (purchased separately) include:

Zinc Crystals Part b Zinc Crystals Part A Zinc Brightener Additive


Need help choosing a rectifier?  Check out our rectifier calculator to help select a power supply for your plating kit. Please note, these recommendations are specific to Caswell Inc. plating kits and are approximate guides only.

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