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Constant current/voltage power control


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3 Amp Constant Current Rectifier

Constant current/voltage power control

This new system has the latest technology for small plating and anodizing operations. The constant current control is particularly useful for anodizing using the Caswell LCD Anodizing system.

Several of our plating systems use small amounts of current, and if plating parts with only a few square inches, this can sometimes be a real problem to obtain accurate current outputs from larger machines.
The system will operate comfortably at 1/10 of an amp.

To operate:

For constant amperage control:

  1. Adjust the voltage knob to the maximum clockwise position
  2. Switch the power ON
  3. Adjust the amps knob to the desired output voltage
  4. Connect the plating tank to the unit

For constant voltage control

  1. Adjust the amperage knob to the maximum clockwise position.
  2. Adjust the voltage knob to the minimum anti-clockwise position.
  3. Switch the power ON.
  4. Connect the plating tank to the unit
  5. Adjust the voltage knob to the desired amperage requirement

For restricted current protection:

  1. Switch the power ON.
  2. Adjust amperage knob to the maximum anti-clockwise position.
  3. Adjust voltage knob to the desired voltage position.
  4. Connect to the plating tank
  5. Adjust the amperage knob clockwise to set the output current at the desired level for restricted current protection.

In the event of a short circuit, at the output, the current will limit at the value set by the current controls, however the unit should be turned off and the short circuit removed before continuing use.


  • Input voltage: 110 ac 50/60Hz
  • Line Regulation: CV < 0.01% +1mV
  • Load Regulation: CV< 0.01%+3mV(<3A)
  • Ripple & Noise: CV<0.5mVr.m.s (1<3a)
  • Protection: constant current and short circuit protection
  • Voltage Indication Accuracy: 1%+2 digits
  • Current Indication Accuracy: 2%+ 2 digits
  • Environment: 0-40 deg C
  • ****does not come with negative or positive leads****
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