Caswell Sealer Concentrate


Ideal for plating baby shoes, bone, plants, cloth and other porous items.


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SEALER is a fast drying coating that penetrates porous materials such as cloth, leather, plaster of paris, concrete etc. rendering it non-porous.

The concentrate can be used as is, or thinned with an equal amount of water. The part is then totally immersed in the solution for 15-30 minutes, then allowed to drip dry. A second application several hours later renders the surface completely smooth and non-porous.

To make the part conductive the part is then sprayed with SilvaSpray. Finally, the part can be plated with Bright Acid Copper, Nickel or Copy Chrome.


Use Caswell Sealer instead of penetrating sealer to inhibit corrosion on blackened parts without imparting an oily feel. It is a clear, acrylic based lacquer. It is a mildly alkaline water based solution used to deposit a corrosion inhibiting hard, clear, glossy dry finish. It can be used on all bare metal surfaces and all types of conversion coatings, black oxide, antique/oxidized and phosphate finishes. It can be used at full strength or diluted with up to an equal volume of water. The coating is approx 0.09 mil thick and the solution covers approx 2900 sq ft per gallon. Dry time is 10 minutes at room temp.

Product can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.



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