Casweld™ AL Aluminum Brazing Rod Kit


Casweld™ AL Aluminum Brazing Rod Kit


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In the kit you get

– 5 x  AL Aluminum Brazing Rod (1/8" x 18")

– 1 x AL Flux – 2 ounces

Designed for joining all brazable grades of aluminum sheet, plate, tubing and piping, extrusions, rod and wire

Download our Casweld™ Product Manual

Perfect for:

-Aluminum Castings

-Filling Holes

-Building Up Worn Sections Joining Cast To Wrought

-Joining Thick Parts to Thin Parts

-Casweld™ AL can be anodized

Tensile Strength: up to 35,000 PSI (250 MPa) 

Bonding Temperature: 800F – 1000F

Brazing Techniques:

Clean the surface and preheat heavy sections. Heat the first 2"-3" of the rod and dip it into the jar of Casweld™ AL Flux. Adjust the torch to a neutral to slightly carburizing mixture face feed into the flame. Apply the alloy drop by drop, moving the torch constantly. Allow to cool and thoroughly remove all flux residues by scrubbing in warm water.

For thin flowing, adjust the torch to 3X carburizing and preheat to a higher temperature. Then touch the end of the rod to the work and continue heating, forcing the molten flux through the joint. Allow the rod to melt off and flow through the fluxed area. Keep the torch moving constantly. 

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