Casweld™ Pot Metal Soldering Rod


Casweld™ PM Soldering Rod


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In the kit you get

– 4 x  Pot Metal Soldering Rods (1/8" x 18")

– 1 x PM Flux – 2 fl oz

350°F Melting Rods For Pot Metal and Thin Aluminum


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Perfect for:

  • Joining and Repairing Pot Metal, Zinc Die Cast Parts, Lead and all white metals. Joins dissimilar metals together, like copper to ferrous metal, or steel to aluminum.
  • Aluminum Tube & Radiators
  • Sheet Metal
  • Joining Dissimilar Metals
  • Filling Pits In Pot Metal
  • Can Be Plated With Our Flash Copper Directly
  • Can Also Be Used On Anodized Aluminum

CASWELD™ PM, with a low temperature melt of 350°F, is your best solution for the repair of most mixes of Pot Metal. Because this temperature is far below the 780°F melting point of Pot Metal, there is little chance of damage to precious parts, unlike welding, where the rod and the subject need to be the same temperature, CASWELD™ PM uses soldering sources of heat like a propane torch.

Can be plated, powder coated, polished, filed, ground, drilled etc.

Tensile Strength: up to 20,000 PSI (145 MPa)
Electrical Conductivity: Good
Corrosion Resistance: Good
Color Match: Very Good on Aluminum

Soldering Techniques:

Joint area should be thoroughly cleaned. Best results are obtained when maintaining a joint clearance of no more than .006". The entire joint area should be completely covered with Casweld PM Flux. Heat part indirectly with a soft flame being careful not to burn the flux. Do not heat the rod. As soon as flux starts to bubble, dip solder into flux and transfer it to joint. Continue heating until solder flows through the entire joint. Allow to cool slowly. Flux residue can be removed with hot water and stiff brush. 

If there is extensive pitting, it is advisable to plate with Flash Copper before carrying out this repair. This will ensure all areas are protected.

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