Anodizing Dye Sample Kit - 6 x 4 oz.


Anodizing Dye Sample Kit

Contains: Orange 3A, Deep Red, Yellow 4A, Green AEN, Blue 4A, and Violet 3D


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Anodizing Dye Sample Kit


These professional quality anodizing dyes provide consistent, quality results. The same dyes are sold to professional anodizing shops all over the world. Each 4oz bottle of dye concentrate makes 2 Gallons.


Anodizing Color Wheel Each LCD aluminum anodizing kit is supplied with a color wheel. Dyes can be mixed together to create a host of different colors. The dyes are in concentrated liquid form, a 4oz bottle makes up 2 gals of ready to use dye. To make up different colors, we suggest that you make up the colors to the correct dilution first, then take a quantity of each dye and blend them together.

These colors are approximate. The finish will normally have a more ‘metallic’ look, and will vary slightly depending on the alloy and surface preparation.

Procedure for Obtaining Dyed Anodize

Anodize the aluminum at 60-75°F for 90 minutes at 4.5 amps per sq foot or 0.03 amps per sq inch. Use our Anodizing Kit.

After thorough rinsing, immerse the part in the dye at a temperature of 140°F for 15 minutes.

Finally, seal by hanging the part in a sealer bath for 15 minutes.

Note: All dyes are suitable for high temp and low temp sealants, except Grey BL and Yellow 4A, which should not be sealed using LT Sealer.


Orange 3A, Deep Red, Yellow 4A, Green AEN, Blue 4A, and Violet 3D.


Weight 2 lbs