Black HBL Anodizing Dye - 4 oz


Black HBL Anodizing Dye, 4 oz.


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Black HBL Anodizing Dye, 4 oz. dye concentrate.  Makes 2 gallons.

For pint size, see DYEBLK75.

These professional quality anodizing dyes provide consistent, quality results. The same dyes are sold to professional anodizing shops all over the world.  4 oz of dye concentrate makes 2 Gallons.


Anodizing Color Wheel Each anodizing kit is supplied with a color wheel. Dyes can be mixed together to create a host of different colors. The dyes are in concentrated liquid form, a 4oz bottle makes up 2 gals of ready to use dye. To make up different colors, we suggest that you make up the colors to the correct dilution first, then take a quantity of each dye and blend them together.

These colors are approximate. The finish will normally have a more ‘metallic’ look, and will vary slightly depending on the alloy and surface preparation.


Procedure for Obtaining Dyed Anodize

Anodize the aluminum at 60-75°F for 90 minutes at 4.5 amps per sq foot or 0.03 amps per sq inch. Use our Anodizing Kit.

After thorough rinsing, immerse the part in the dye at a temperature of 140°F for 15 minutes.

Finally, seal by hanging the part in a sealer bath for 15 minutes.



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