Zinc Science plating kit


Zinc Science plating kit 


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Electroplating is an interesting and exciting science experiment for kids and adults alike. Invented in the early 1800's, electroplating covers science fundamentals such as chemistry, electricity and mathematics.

Our Zinc Science Plating Kit can be used to plate zinc over steel, iron, tin, pot metal, zinc as well as copper, brass & bronze (an interesting teaching moment on galvanic reactions).

Download the following metal chart to give you

An overall concept of which metals can be plated

with each kit and the steps required. You may 

require another kit to use as a base coat. 

Please  download and read

the manual before purchasing


In addition to our kit, you will need:

  • Nitrile or Latex Gloves
  • Eye Protection
  • Beaker of Water for rinsing
  • Cleaning agent (we recommend dish soap and hot water or Simple Green cleaner)

The kit can be used multiple times. The anodes will eventually be used up (after approx 10 sq ft of plating), and can be replaced.

The Zinc Plating Solution is a mild acid and is quite safe to use. No fume control or face masks are required for use.