The Caswell Plating Manual - v10


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Version 10

Version 10 of The Caswell Plating Manual has been completely revised. Each section now contains an easy to follow chart outlining the steps involved during the process.

It is without doubt, the most advanced ‘how to’ plating book available today. Containing over 180 pages, it specifically addresses the problems of plating on a small scale, and wherever possible employs the “Keep It Simple” formula. Standard plating techniques such as nickel and copper plating have been upgraded, and there are many new systems discussed, such as tin plating, boron nitride and black krome.

Detailed instructions on how to hard chrome plate tool tips, gives the novice a completely new perspective to his workshop. The anodizing section shows how to ‘splash color’ anodize (just like the way paint ball guns are done), using a new range of Caswell dyes.

There is an excellent section on bronzing things like baby shoes, and another on plating glass tableware. Brush plating with Plug N'Plate™ kits is an inexpensive technique for doing small local repairs or to gold plate those car emblems, or that old fob watch.

New antiquing solutions provide a whole spectrum of effects.

Chrome and Anodize stripping techniques are thoroughly discussed, as are new concepts for plating lead work, which is must for fishing lures, sun catchers and stained glass manufacture. 

Finally a whole chapter on environmental issues, demonstrates the effective reduction of waste, its disposal and emissions, and the EPA requirements.

Customer Testimonial

I sat down and actually read your entire plating manual last night and this morning. It is very informative. I feel like a plating expert and I haven't even started plating yet!

You did a very good job putting together the manual. I went from knowing nothing about plating to believing that I can make a go of this business.

James Watson

$32 of the cost of the manual is refundable when you purchase any plating kit that contains the manual.

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