Stainless Steel Blackener 370 (LQ#6)


Stainless Steel Blackener – 8 oz.,  16 oz. (pint), or 32 oz. (Qt.)


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All Metal Finishing Solutions are easy to use, produce authentic, consistent results, require no heat or electricity, are water based, nonflammable and react within minutes. Achieve a wide variety of antiqued and colored finishes on metal.  NOT FOR STEEL.

Stainless Steel Blackener 370

An acidic liquid concentrate used full strength or diluted with water to blacken stainless steel at room temperature. Recommended for color coding parts and blackening engravings on stainless steels. Produces a pleasing dark gray/black finish.
For 300S dilute 4 volumes water to 1 of concentrate
For 400S dilute 3 volumes water to 1 of concentrate

8 fl oz , 16 fl oz (pint), OR 32 oz. (Qt.)


It may be applied to outdoor surfaces when used in conjunction with a durable clear lacquer or powder coating that has been specifically designed for outdoor use.





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