Spiral sewn 12" x 1/4" wheel

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Use with any compound to cut or colour your metal.


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This is a sales for an overstock or dead stock item.  There is nothing wrong with the item other then we have to much of it.  This sale will only be on till supplies last

This sales is only for the the Spiral sewn 12" x 1/4" wheel (This wheel is only 1/4" thick)


Spiral sewn wheels are the workhorse of most buffing and polishing jobs. Because the plies of cotton cloth are sewn together spirally, the wheel becomes much harder and more pressure can be exerted on it. This is especially useful when 'cutting' the metal.

The faces of these wheels are pre-raked to accept compound immediately.

These wheels are dependable and long wearing.

Use With Any Compound
Please Note: Wheels have a 1.5" hole size and this is the only hole size it comes in.
Weight 0.1 lbs

Hole Punch Size