Pickle #4 (LQ#29)


For stripping rust from steel & also activates zinc, pot metal, lead, 60/40 solder, copper & its alloys.


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AT LAST! Eliminate using unpleasant muriatic acid. For stripping rust from steel & also activates zinc, pot metal, lead, 60/40 solder, copper & its alloys. No unpleasant fumes. More moderate action, less pitting. This system is ideal for the preparation of lead work such as bullets, sun catchers, lead came, etc.

Pickle #4 is a general-purpose metal activator and de-oxidizer containing fluoride. Used at room temperature on steel, copper, brass and zinc.

PICKLE #4 is a free flowing mixture of dry acids and is more convenient and safer to use than liquid mineral acids. It does not produce the undesirable fumes given off with strong acids. It is dissolved in water and used at ambient temperatures to remove light to medium surface rust from steel and to activate steel surfaces prior to blackening with Black Oxide blackening solutions. Heavily rusted surfaces may require elevated temperatures of 150°F to 170°F. No venting required when used at ambient temperatures. It is used following the water rinse after cleaning the steel surfaces with SP DEGREASER.

PICKLE #4 is more moderate in its action on steel surfaces than mineral acids and produces a uniformly active surface.

PICKLE #4 is also used to activate zinc-plated surfaces, die cast zinc surfaces, copper and copper alloy surfaces prior to blackening, oxidizing, antiquing, chromating or other finishing.


PICKLE #4 solutions must be contained in acid-resistant tanks and containers. Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC or rubber-lined steel are suitable. If heaters are required they must be glass or Teflon coated.



Metal Action Makeup & Use
Steel activation 8 oz/gallon
30 to 60 second immersion
rust removal 16 to 32 oz/gallon
2 to 10 minutes immersion
Copper and its Alloys deoxidizing 8 to 16 oz/gallon
30 to 60 seconds immersion
Plated and die cast zinc
Lead/lead solder
deoxidizing 4 to 8 oz/gallon
30 seconds to 2 mins immersion

Residual PICKLE #4 solution must be removed with a thorough cold-water rinse prior to further finishing.


The strength of the solution is maintained by small periodic additions of PICKLE #4 salts. The solution is dumped only when its effectiveness is diminished by accumulation of metals, dirt, oil, etc.

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