Nylon Bristle Brush


Removes paint, corrosion, rust and weld marks. Brush finish on aluminum. Mount 3″ wheels on an electric drill with an Arbor Adapter.


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These wheels have a 1″ hole

Strands of nylon impregnated with a tough aluminum oxide abrasive. Removes old paint, rust, weld scale and burns. Cleans
and polishes. Is ideal for wood because it cleans without gouging. It never loses its abrasive power, or its shape. Safe on
skin! Max 2500 rpm

The next best thing to a sand blaster
Lasts up to 10 times the life of a wire wheel, Will not puncture skin, Does not shed bristles – unlike dangerous wire wheels, Will not rust and maintains its shape

Ideal for:
-Scratch brushing aluminum and other metals for decorative finishes
-Removes paint, corrosion, weld scale, rust & weld marks from steel
-Gently removes paint and varnish from wood
-Sands wooden moldings, railings, turnings and banisters
-Removes cement from tiles, stone and brick mortar
-Prepares fiberglass, rubber, and all plastics for adhesive application
-Frosts glass


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