Mist (Fume) Control Balls


Reduce dangerous fumes and acid mist during chrome plating and anodizing.


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Due to the high current usage during chrome plating, a mist of acid is produced from the tank. This can become a nuisance due to the corrosive nature of the product and its yellow stain. The Caswell Plating Manual shows how to control much of this, using an inexpensive 'fume' hood made from an old cooking stove/ range hood.

Commercial platers also use these floating solid plastic balls to reduce this mist. They are left in the tank and cover the entire surface of the chromic acid solution, reducing the emissions. They will reduce the mist by as much as 70%, saving chemical and keeping the entire operation much cleaner. 90 x 1" polyethylene floating balls are supplied in each pack, which is sufficient to cover one of our 3.5 or 5 gal plating tanks.

Mist control balls are also used while anodizing to reduce acid misting.

1 pack – 90 Balls – 1 sq. ft.


Chemical Mist Suppressant

A chemical frothy blanket that actually floats on top of the chrome, virtually eliminates all misting when used with Fume Control Balls. Use 1 bottle with each bag of fume control balls.

Note: Mist Suppressant is now premixed into our chrome plating crystals.


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