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Yellow Buffing Bar


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Yellow composition. Medium grease content. C3776 is a cut and color finishing compound. Excellent performance on stainless steel, can also be used on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.Use to remove sanding marks, belt lines, and grease wheel marks, can also be used as a finishing compound on stainless steel. Recommended for use with mill or dip treated buffs. Will also produce very good color when used with mill treated or untreated cloth buffs. Bars are approximately 2″ x 2″ x 10″ and have an average weight of 3 pounds.

This is a water soluble bar, making for an easier clean up.

Excellent choice for stainless steel, can also be used on Aluminum, Titanium, soft metals like brass, copper, zinc, white metals, and others other non-ferrous metals

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