High Color Compound (Extra Dry)

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High Color Compound


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NON-FERROUS COLORING BAR COMPOUND.  Sometimes referred to as White or Black Diamond Buffing Compound.
Intended for buffing non-ferrous metals where the work surface is in good condition, free of deep tool or die marks. When heavy marks are present, Tripoli Buffing Compound is generally used to first cut down the surface and then a second buffing operation is performed using a “Coloring” Compound to produce a mirror-bright finish.

An extra dry grade developed for “coloring out” operations on brass and sheet aluminum. Its light cutting action minimizes the danger of cutting too aggressively on the metal. Also recommended on recessed or indented surfaces that ordinarily would pack up with a greasier grade, giving difficult cleaning problems. Leaves a clear bright finish, free of dirt.

Grade D-38
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