Glass Polishing Kit


Remove scratches from glass.


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Now With Optical Grade Cerium Powder

The Glass polishing kit

A low cost solution to those irritating vision impairing scratches

Our glass polishing kit consists of one 3" diameter felt bob mounted on a 1/4" shaft, with a tub of abrasive optical grade Cerium powder, the finest glass polishing compound available.

Kit Contains:

  • 8oz (by weight) tub of Cerium Oxide Powder
  • 3" Wide x 1" High x 1/4" Shaft Felt Bob
  • Instruction Sheet

To remove scratches that you cannot feel with your fingernail, mark them on the inside of the glass with a crayon or a piece of tape. (Deeper scratches may not be possible to completely remove.)

Mix up a small quantity of the abrasive powder with some water to make a wet slurry, and dip the flat end of the felt bob in it.

Mount the bob in the fastest electric drill available.

Using the FLAT bottom of the bob, (not the cylindrical side), work the slurry up and down across the scratch until it is removed.

Keep the surface wet – do not allow the slurry to dry out, otherwise the glass will get hot.


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in