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Designed “tool” as an extension of the hand


Grasp & use

A shape with a curved surface , designed for palms and joints of hands , which are the points for support , force , and action when force is exerted .

Hand guard ( flange )

The horizontally arranged handguard ( flange ) acts as a guide for the index finger and thumb , making the device more holdable during painting work .

Fits ( in the palm )

The unique rhomboid-like shape of the grip originated from our pursuit for a comfortable fit in the palm .

Operability & Elaborate

Quick nut for easy attachment / detachment               The hexagonal-shaped screw cover made to improve paint accuracy

by one tight twist                                                          and cleanability by making an event surface .


Introducing the long-awaited next stage in the evolution of spray guns , achieved by front-line professionals without compromise .

Painting quality has improved based on feedback given by professionals .

High-atomization technology MMFT

Ever since we succeeded in a trial production on Japan’s first domestic painting machine approximately one hundred years ago ,

we have continued to develop technologies for painting equipment up until today .

Utilizing the know-how we have cultivated over the years , we have adopted flat pattern control ( a standard specification

for CORE ) that minimizes unevenness by positioning the secondary holes of the spray gun optimally , increasing the holes ,

and arranging them at an angle .

Additionally , we have adopted our company’s unique high-atomization technology MMFT ( Meiji Micros Fine Technology ) that

accelerates atomization under low pressure by controlling the air at multiple levels , feeding it efficiently to the opening ,

and atomizing it through the thinly shaped structure .

Dynamic Chamber

We made the air circuit as large as possible while seeking to reduce its body size . Combined with separate head bases that have our company’s unique and special shapes , we have achived more air volume than that of larger guns . The formation of the heigh-atomization wide pattern has been made possible by providing a stable air flow to the opening .

Optimized spray paint volume

A unique characteristic whereby spraying volume smoothly increases . The adjustment range is wide enough to prevent sudden increases in flow , allowing for fine adjustments .

We have adopted our company’s unique paint adjustment thread pitch of 0.75mm , which has been inherited in automobile repairing guns for a long time .

Low-resistance structure and highly durable design

The initial leakage limit is 500,000 times .

High durability has been achieved where retightening can be carried out one million times .

The sleeve and soft packing gives low-resistance structure which is less likely to affect the sliding of the needle when retightening.

Reduced trigger load structure

The low-friction packing and optimization of the valve shape which has a low pass resistance circuit structure enables trigger handling without rapid pressure fluctuations for the entire stroke range .


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