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Extra large silver sparkle is a larger flake that is sold by the oz and has an average micron size of 350
This is the Largest silver flake that we sell. This is a loud product that has loud effects.

This product can be used with liquid paint as well as powder coating.
With liquid paint, 1 oz will mix 1-4 quarts of paint depending on the intensity of effect you are looking for.
With Powder coating, 1 oz will mix 2-5 lbs of powder depending on the intensity of effect you are looking for.

These flakes can be mixed with your base coat to create custom metallic colours or mix them in your clear/intercoat clear over your base coat. Mixing with or over darker colours like black will show off the true look of the metallic.

Always trial a small amount first on a sample part when using for the first time. We recommend slowing adding the pearl or flake in small amounts and testing when creating custom blends, you can easily add more pearl to the paint but you can never remove the pearl if you add to much. You can add this in the base coat but it will have a larger effect and use less metal flake when added in an inter coat clear over the base coat.

Always top coat with a layer of clear to help protect the pearl of flake from the sun. This will also help the metallic flake or pearl POP in the sun.

This product can be used for powder coating, it can be mixed in either the base coat or the clear coat. You will only need to use half the amount if mixing it in the clear coat. Always put a clear coat (with out flakes or pearls) over this product, even if your mixing it in the clear. 1 oz of this product will mix 2-5 lbs of powder depending on how aggressive of a look you are wanting.











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