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Electroless Copper Plating Kit

Introducing a new, simple way to make non-metallic parts conductive. Easier to use than conductive paints. The Electroless Copper Plating Kit provides an even, consistent layer of copper, which can then be plated with Acid Copper for a thicker layer.

Our Electroless Copper Plating Kit can also be used to plate thru-holes in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

The system can operate at room temperature, or can be heated to 100 deg F for a slightly faster plating time.

Can plate directly onto cleaned plastics, etched glass or epoxies. Includes an epoxy sealer for plating over porous items such as wood, leather, plants, rubber, or anything else you can imagine.

Four Easy Steps
Seal your part in epoxy and allow to cure. For plastics or glass, no need to seal. Simply clean with acetone and degreaser.
Immerse in Sensitizer for 2 mins and rinse
Immerse in Activator for 2 mins and rinse
Immerse in Electroless Copper for up tp 60 mins and rinse
The Electroless Copper system plates at 0.0002 inches per hour (5 Microns) and wil not plate beyond that thickness. For thicker copper layers, proceed to our Acid Copper Plating Kit after Electroless Copper plating.

Bath life is determined by the area and time of the part being plated. The system contains 0.5oz of copper per quart of solution. Each quart of solution will plate approx 50 sq inches at full thickness (0.0002″ or one hour of plating time).

The Pint Kit Contains:

1 Glass Pint Beaker (for copper solution)
3 Plastic Pint Beakers (for sensitizer, activator and distilled water rinse)
8 fl oz Electroless Copper A
8 fl oz Electroless Copper B
16 fl oz Sensitizer
16 fl oz Activator
Caswell Sealpoxy Sealer – 12 fl oz kit
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