Coloring Compound (Med Greasy)

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Coloring Compound


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Intended for buffing non-ferrous metals where the work surface is in good condition, free of deep tool or die marks. When heavy marks are present, Tripoli Buffing Compound is generally used to first cut down the surface and then a second buffing operation is performed using a “Coloring” Compound to produce a mirror-bright finish.


Our most popular grade because it is adaptable for cutting down and coloring the average run of aluminum, brass, and die cast metals. Also used extensively for buffing copper plated articles, particularly where a regular Tripoli Compound is too
severe and removes too much of the copper-plate. Contains a sufficient amount of grease binders to be used on most automatic buffing applications.

Grade D-35

NON-FERROUS COLORING BAR COMPOUND Sometimes referred to as White or Black Diamond Buffing Compound.


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