Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax


Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax


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-1 Pint Bottle

An easier-to-use version of the S-238, this heavy-duty pure gel wax is ideal for new and old insulators and bushings, both large and small jobs alike. An excellent choice for fleet maintenance where both lasting protection and timely job completion are paramount. Produces a high gloss finish, increases dielectric strength and performance, repels harmful pollutants and safeguards against flashovers and malfunction. Contains no abrasives or cleaners. Handcrafted and hand-poured in the USA.


 All Clear Coats, Gel Coats, Fiberglass, Painted and Non Painted Metals, Painted Plastic.  (Works great on polished metals)

Apply THIN amount of No. 845 to small section at a time with clean, dry applicator pad. As wax dries, polish off with dry cloth or soft cotton towel until a high luster is produced. If surface is soiled or dirty, first apply Collinite’s No. 237 High Voltage Cleaner.

-Clean bushings and porcelain surfaces of high voltage line insulators
-Electrical/industrial/substation power maintenance use only


What’s the difference between the auto waxes; No. 845 Insulator Wax, No. 476s Super Double Coat and the No. 915 Marque D’ Elegance?

All 3 last step waxes serve the same function: to provide a high gloss carnauba shine and lasting protection. All 3 contain copious amounts of wax-both rare Brazilian carnauba and premium synthetic polymers. However, their degree of durability, ease of use, and warmth of shine vary. Think of it this way;

1. No.476s – most durable protection/weather defense. Most elbow grease required during application.

2. No. 915- 2nd most durable and slightly easier than the 476s to apply/remove. No. 915 lends our warmest shine to dark tones like navy and black due to its highest concentration of rare carnauba.

3. No. 845- easiest of the 3 to apply/remove with slightly less durability than the No. 915.

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