Candy Pink 1oz


Candy Pink 1oz


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Candy Pearls are sold by the oz and have an average micron size of 35 (0.0014″)
Some candy colours have “shift” at the end of their names to indicate the metallic, has different colours shades and movement when viewing at different angles in the sun.
Candy Pearls are fine coloured metallic pearl pigments that are used for creating pearl top coats, or custom coloured metallic paints. Mix them with your base coat to create custom metallic colours or mix them in your clear/intercoat clear over silver of chrome coating to add a candy effect. Mixing with or over darker colours like black will show off the true pearl effect of the pigment.

When mixing with intercoat or clear coat for a transparent effect, use ½ oz of pearl to 1 quart of clear/intercoat clear. When using as a custom pearl, mix 1 oz to one quart of clear/intercoat clear or even the coloured base. Always trial a small amount first on a sample part when using for the first time. We recommend slowing adding the pearl or flake in small amounts and testing when creating custom blends, you can easily add more pearl to the paint but you can never remove the pearl if you add to much. Always top coat with a layer of clear that does not have any pearl or metal flake in it.

When spraying with inter-coat, it may take 2-3 light coats to get a nice even look. Don’t spray to wet or heavy in one shot as the metallic s may sag. Lighter coats will create a lighter look. Looks best over silver or white, but can be applied over any colour to create a custom look



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