Brass Plating Kit (LQ#26)


A unique cyanide-free alkaline brass plating system.


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Caswell Brass Plating Solution is a unique cyanide-free alkaline brass plating system which plates a true 70/30 yellow-green plate directly onto steel and bright nickel plated surfaces. It can be used for heavy brass plating which will be antiqued (oxidized and relieved). It may also be used for decorative heavy brass if the surface is burnished or buffed and colored with a wheel to remove the slight haze and reveal the true rich brass color for lamp parts, hardware and plumbing fixtures.

To plate on zinc die cast surfaces, you must plate with Flash Copper™ first.

The system eliminates carbonates. Therefore, there is no carbonate sludge containing cyanide to be disposed of.

The solution may be used to tank or brush plate.

Brass tank plating requires an average current of 0.02-0.1 amps per sq. in. and operates in the range of 3-12 Volts.

Brass Plating is available on a small scale using Plug N’ plate kits.

Brass Plated Items


Need help choosing a rectifier?  Check out our rectifier calculator to help select a power supply for your plating kit. Please note, these recommendations are specific to Caswell Inc plating kits and are approximate guides only.

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