Anodize & Chrome Stripper - 8 oz. (LQ#19)


8 oz.


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Chrome stripping involves reverse plating the chrome using a power supply, chrome stripper and Stainless Wand.

Chrome Stripper (Requires Stainless Steel Wand)

For Anodizing stripping, simply immerse the part in the solution. Check for conductivity .

For Chrome, Use the Stainless steel wand and 4.5v power supply.  Connect piece to be stripped to the positive side of power unit. Connect wand to negative side.  Wrap wand with clean bandage.   Immerse wand with bandage into solution and stroke part until a Yellow/ brown residue forms on bandage. Rinse bandage occasionally during use. Repeat until there is no more residue on the bandage.


8 oz

You can find the larger Anodize & Chrome Stripper mix HERE

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in